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Bandung is a creative city with the greatest creative potential human resources. Since a long time ago, Bandung has been known as a center of textiles, fashion, art and culture. Although Bandung is a creative city, no events created in the past are ever creative festival music that can put Bandung on the map on national and International level. Events and venues often consist the same artists and concepts.

Therefore, Bandung needs a festival music with a “new” genre, namely jazz. The identity of “Jazz” in the city of Bandung began to disappear due to the rise of Indie genre in Bandung society so jazz festival has not become a popular music event.

The 10th International Kampoeng Jazz will be presenting Jazz elements in this event, bringing and telling you how “jazz” itself, with the characteristic that Kampoeng Jazz has in delivering it. The theme “The Jubilee Of Gloriuous Years” has been choosen for this event. A One-Decade Jazz Festival In Bandung that unique, beautiful, and give happiness.