M.Y.M.P. (Make Your Momma Proud) is an acoustic band from the Philippines with Jana Laraza (Vocalist) & Jacques “Chin” Alcantara (Guitarist & founder) as the member. The band founded in late 1996. It was Chin’s elder brother, Julius, who gave the band its name (Make Your Momma Proud) as a tribute to their departed mother. M.Y.M.P has some great singles like “Especially for You” & “Tell Me Where It Hurts” that are well known for its deep and romantic lyrics.  In 2005, M.Y.M.P. released their second album titled Beyond Acoustic and third album Versions through Ivory Music. The success of the two albums prompted the re-release of their second and third albums in a two-disc set the same year. In 2006, they released their fourth album, New Horizon and DVD of their concert at the Music Museum. In 2008, M.Y.M.P. released their last album on Ivory Music, titled Now. The group then signed with Star Music.